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The farm is named after Cruziphina, Alfonso, Longino, Magdalena.

CRUZALLOMA is wholly-owned by the Sons and Daughters of Alfonso and Rosita Halibas. CRUZALLOMA is derived from the first two letters of the their beloved children, Cruziphina - mother of Christopher, Alex and Rigel; Alfonso II - father of Yvonne, Alfie, Marie Grace, Alfonso III, and Mark Alfonsus; Longino - father of Florabel, Hazel, Longine and Julius Caesar; Magdalena - mother of Hazel. The farm is being managed, nurtured, tenderly cultured by Erlinda - wife of Alfonso and Gloria - wife of Longino. We owe it all to our forefathers for leaving us a legacy of agriculture. We are forever grateful and we honor you. Thank you most of all to God for the blessings and the abundance of wonderful nature.

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